A real woman. A real recipe. A real vision.

Mrs. Mary Twardzik (better know as Mrs. T) made the best homemade pierogies in her town of Shenandoah, PA. One of the biggest fans of her delicious pierogies was her son, Ted. After returning from college with a degree in business, he had a vision: why not sell his Mom’s pierogies in stores, so more people could enjoy her amazing pierogies? In 1952, he did just that. At first, mainly people with Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Slavic roots purchased her pierogies. But soon, all kinds of Americans were discovering these delicious “dumplings” with eastern European origins.

Her spirit lives on.

Mrs. T’s grandson Tom now runs the company. He has clearly inherited his Grandma’s spirit of culinary adventure. Mrs. T’s now offers delicious and different flavor combinations, beyond the ones you would expect. All bursting with crave-worthy flavor. Bringing your favorite flavors together inside every pierogy is important to us. But even more important is helping you share them with your favorite people.

“Y” do we spell pierogy with a “Y”?

“Pierogi” is the more common spelling.  But at Mrs. T’s we spell it with a Y, as in pierogy. If that’s wrong, we don’t want to be right. Because that’s the way we do everything here. A little different. A little more delicious. A lot more fun.