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  • Grand Prize Winner: Lanore B

    Grand Prize Winner: Lanore B

    “I’m truly blessed and humbled by this! My whole purpose in this life has been and always will be, to make sure my children AND mom are happy, healthy and loved! With this prize I can make life a little sweeter for them and myself.”  – Lanore, All-Star Mom Grand Prize Winner

  • Week 1: Jessica W

    Week 1: Jessica W

    “Jessica is an awesome mom! She is very nice to her children and takes them to do fun things and to school. She attends to their needs and helps them in any way she can. She loves them unconditionally. She is a great mom!” Kyle, Jessica’s husband

  • Week 2: Sharon R

    Week 2: Sharon R

    “She is a hard working single mom of three kids and is the type of woman to give when she does not have.” – Krystal, Sharon’s friend and godmother to her daughter

  • Week 3: Tammi C

    Week 3: Tammi C

    “Tammi is a mother of four who home schools her children. She works as a Licensed Professional Counselor-mental health therapist. She is also involved in her church and helps her husband in his ministry with alot of caring & entertaining.”Teddi, Tammi’s mother