Back-to-school easy recipes for busy schedules

Posted On: September 17, 2021

With each passing year, September seems to get busier and busier. How is that possible?! After-school sports, homework, birthday parties… it takes endurance to be the best parent you can be. Easy weeknight meals are the solution to our hectic September schedules. But, before we talk dinner, let’s get into some easy after-school snacks to hold the kiddos over.

Easy After-School Snacks

Queso Dip with Broccoli and Aged Cheddar Pierogies
Mrs. T’s Queso Dip recipe is a great after-school snack that has elements kids love. This snack is a handheld option if you use Mrs. T’s Mini Pierogies and a big bowl of melted cheesy goodness. It’s sure to make anyone happy! (Need to make these in a flash? Simply bake or air fry Minis and dip in your favorite jarred queso sauce.)

Oven-Toasted Mini Pierogies
Oven-Toasted Mini Pierogies are fantastic for the later days in September when we start creeping into fall temperatures. The breaded pierogies are just like your favorite toasted ravioli but with a delicious creamy, mashed-potato center—YUM! Is this the perfect after-school snack? We think so! It only takes 15 minutes of prep and is a fun dippable option.

Easy Dinner Recipes

Some days are so packed we need to bypass the snack altogether and get right to supper! We have two great and classic easy dinner options:

Classic Pierogies with Kielbasa
We all love a one-pan meal! This quick and easy dinner has only 4 ingredients and a 30-minute cooking time. Perfect for nights when you need a little extra down time. Add in all your ingredients and sauté until warm. Simple AND delicious!

Sloppy Joe Pierogies
Sloppy Joes are a classic easy dinner that kids can’t get enough of! I mean who doesn’t love to make a little mess while they eat? This recipe has all the flavors you know and love, with a little flare from the Cheese Medley Pierogies. Best of all it only takes about 30 minutes to make.

Easy Lunch Recipes for Kids

Dinner and snacks are ready to go but we would be slacking if we didn’t add in a few easy lunches for virtual school days. Of course, some recipes can be switched around, lunches for dinner or snacks for lunches, you can be as creative as you want!

BBQ Chicken Pierogy Nachos
Nachos are a fantastic lunch for students. Especially in households with multiple kids doing virtual learning. They can grab and munch as they study. Nachos are so much fun to eat, kids will forget they are doing schoolwork!

Cheesy Pierogy Quesadillas
What’s better than one pierogy? Two! After a quick sauté, sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top half of batch, then stack the remaining pierogies to create the cutest quesadilla you’ve ever seen (or tasted!). Four Cheese Medley Pierogies take cheese quesadillas to the ultimate cheese level!  Pair with refreshing salsa to complete the experience.

Try out all these wonderful recipes and you’ll feel great about what the family is eating while you are saving time in the kitchen.😊 Tag us in socials when you make them!


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