One-Pot Wonders: Counting Down Our Top Slow Cooker Pierogy Recipes

February 24, 2023

Delicious doesn’t have to mean difficult. When you’re in a hurry to get a meal on the table, Mrs. T’s Pierogies are here to help. Recipes that incorporate instant pots and slow cookers are guaranteed to make meal prep a breeze from start to finish, allowing you to simply “set it and forget it.” Meanwhile, […]


Counting Down The Top 10 Pierogy Squad Recipes

December 12, 2022

We’re celebrating the end of 2022 with a list of all the delicious Mrs. T’s recipes that you loved this past year! Our Top 10 Pierogy Squad recipes list highlights the best of the best—flavorful dishes that are easy to make and taste incredible. There’s something for everyone in our 2022 recipe countdown! 10. Oven-Toasted […]


Mrs. T’s Guide to Backyard Gaming Greatness

July 29, 2022

There’s no doubt about it — summertime means family time! Whether it’s a birthday party, a backyard BBQ, or a neighborhood block party, every summer shindig needs a little family-friendly entertainment to keep the laughter and good times rolling. Mrs. T’s knows that while you might come for the food (pierogies 😉), you stay for […]


Grilling Season IS Here!

May 20, 2022

Grilling season is finally here again! It’s a time for cookouts, barbecues, backyard parties, and, of course, pierogies. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks guaranteed to get you fired up and ready to bring the heat for the whole season! A Clean Grill is a Happy Grill! You’ll want to begin grilling season […]


Mrs. T’s Fan Favorite Apps for March Madness

March 18, 2022

March Madness is here again! College basketball’s main event calls for some big-time snack ideas that are worthy of the spotlight. Mrs. T’s has you covered with these delicious, dunk-able appetizers guaranteed to keep your home team happy all tournament long! Classic Onion Pierogies with Yuengling Traditional Lager Cheese Dip This incredible dip was created […]


3 Easy Freezable Pierogy Recipes

March 11, 2022

Grab a jacket and make your way to the freezer aisle, because March is Frozen Food Month! This is when you’ll notice supermarkets offering tons of different frozen food items, which makes it the perfect time for savvy shoppers to stock up on quick and convenient mealtime favorites. To celebrate Frozen Food Month, we took […]


Counting Down The Top 10 Pierogy Squad Recipes

December 20, 2021

10…9… 8…7…… HAPPY Pierogy Recipes!!! That’s right, we are counting down the top 10 Pierogy Squad recipes from 2021. In honor of year-end, we are celebrating with all of the delicious recipes you loved this past year! 10. Loaded Baked Potato Pierogy Sheet Pan This dish has all the best flavors of a loaded baked […]


The Perfect Fall Holiday Menu

November 18, 2021

Delicious fall flavors are something many of us look forward to ALL year-long! We know lots of people are working in these flavors wherever they can, especially for the holidays. When the holiday season hits, we start planning for the perfect menu. Each dish can be an Instagramable moment, a chance to feed people something […]


National Pierogy Day: All that and a box of pierogies

October 6, 2021

This National Pierogy Day we are celebrating the best decade for fun, flavorful recipes.  The 90s! The 90s were an iconic time for food. We’re embracing these iconic dishes for some inspired Mrs. T’s recipes. The Stuffed Crust Pizza Mrs. T’s knows a thing or two about stuffing one good thing with another 😉.  We […]


Back-to-school easy recipes for busy schedules

September 17, 2021

With each passing year, September seems to get busier and busier. How is that possible?! After-school sports, homework, birthday parties… it takes endurance to be the best parent you can be. Easy weeknight meals are the solution to our hectic September schedules. But, before we talk dinner, let’s get into some easy after-school snacks to […]


Farmers Market Recipes

August 17, 2021

Summer and fall are the perfect time to visit your local farmers market. Everything is so fresh and delicious, plus supporting local farmers is a great way to get involved in your community! A farmers market usually operates on the weekends – making them a fun activity for the whole family! Walk through the local […]


Family Mealtime Favorites

July 23, 2021

Every family has different routines and meals that we cycle through. We adjust recipes based on time of year, schedules, and what we know the family will eat and still be smiling after. Versatility is key in making a family favorite and Mrs. T’s Pierogies are the picture of versatility! This year charcuterie boards have […]


Sizzle Into Summer

June 17, 2021

BBQ Family Meals Summer is filled with wonderful activities that will have our kids running around all day long. Whether they are swimming, playing sports or just playing neighborhood games, a busy kid always makes for a hungry kid after a long day of playing. Pierogies are a perfect summertime meal and so easy you […]


Setting the Perfect Picnic with Mrs. T’s

May 18, 2021

Picnic Party Ideas  Have you been stuck inside binge-watching Netflix for too long? It finally feels like the never-ending winter season has passed and Spring has Sprung! Now it’s time to get outside. One of our favorite ways to enjoy an easy outdoor meal is to pack a picnic—but not just any old picnic. People […]


Mrs. T’s All-Star Recipes

April 12, 2021

Every day, moms go above and beyond for their families. They are true All-Stars! And when it comes to providing a home-cooked meal everyone loves, Mom always knows how to knock it out of the park. We took to our Mrs. T’s Pierogies cookbook for our all-time favorite pierogy recipes that make Mom a star […]


30-Minute Comfort Food

February 8, 2021

These last few months of winter are often the coldest ones. Gathering around the dinner table to enjoy a delicious, warm and filling meal? That’s what gets us through the chilly days and snowy nights. We know your favorite comfort meals aren’t always convenient to make. The chopping, dicing, mincing, whisking, pouring, spreading… prep time […]


Veggie Pierogy Meal Prep Made Easy

January 15, 2021

After a very long twelve months, we finally made it! It’s time to start the new year with a fresh start, fresh habits, and fresh… veggies? Sure! No matter what a fresh start looks like for you (more activities with the kiddos, jamming to a new workout routine, or just taking some well-deserved “me time”) […]


Pierogy Snacks and a Holiday Movie

December 2, 2020

Pierogy Snacks and a Holiday Movie The holidays are such a wonderful time of year filled with joy, laughter, and too often… stress. We look for those moments when we can enjoy time with the family and make memories. But, the idea of preparing for another meal (let alone a holiday meal!) and then having […]


Get Grilling with Mrs. T’s Pierogies

September 10, 2020

Summer isn’t over yet… and warm nights are made for grilling! Make the most out of the last days of summer and fire up the grill. That smokey, charred essence permeates the food, making meats sizzling good and vegetables sweeter from the touch of flames. Mmm… Food just tastes better! We all love burgers, hot […]


How to Prepare Pierogies

Cooking pierogies is quick, fun, and easy. Here at Mrs. T’s, we know you can cook them just about any way you prefer.  Just like anyone else, we have our go-to’s. Whether you cook your pierogies by traditional boil and sauté, or an unconventional but equally delicious flame-cooked grill—you’ll bring smiles to the table with […]


Back-to-School with Mrs. T’s

Back-to-school season can be a stressful time for families—especially moms. Whether your kids are studying from home or heading back to school, your schedule is going to get a lot busier. And one of the biggest challenges is… trying to figure out what to make for dinner! Making delicious meals the whole family will love […]